10.  Flu shots administered to myself and four sons with not one tear shed.

9.  Attended Charlie's field trip to the Christmas tree farm (fourth time attending).

8.  Spent 3 hours attempting to get Joe's pet rat out from between our cupboards.  Bait has included caramel, Nutella, peanut butter, chicken, sausage off a pizza, yogurt covered raisins and last but not least, water (girl's got to be getting thirsty).

7.  Family photos taken with above mentioned four sons.  George closes his eyes every time he smiles.  Who knew?

6.  Began reading Charles Dickens's Christmas stories.  A bit too heavy for me to comprehend in my fifth hour of darkness.

5. Roasted a chicken (yummo).

4.  Watched Scrooge McDuck in Micky's Christmas Carol .

3.  Made Creamy Christmas Mints with the boys and Hanky Pankies on my own.

2.  Decorated the ugliest tree we have ever purchased. (I should say, Dave has ever purchased.  Last time I send the boys to do a woman's job.)

1. Attended a school board meeting and a Christmas Sing.

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