I tweet, sometimes too much.  I love Twitter and all of the wonderful people I have met on it, many have them have become some of my closest friends and confidants.  I share so much about my everyday life that I've always wondered where my line is.  How much will I share? 

I share sex jokes but not my sex life.  I talk about things my kids say but not about their poop.  I tweet from my classroom but do not complain about my students or coworkers.  I share pictures, but mostly of food.  I bitch about politics, but I don't like to debate.  I say shocking things but avoid conflict.

This week, a curve.  Dave and I have separated.  I won't share the details, not even here, but I could not bring myself to tweet about it.  I shared that I was feeling down, that I had amazing friends who were helping me through a tough time, but I could not come right out and say it;  my marriage might be ending.  Typing it makes it too real.  And if I tweet it, people will reply.  And then I will cry.  Again.

I love you, my dear friends.