As many of you have undoubtably heard, something happened yesterday.  Something awful happened.  Something Anthony and I have lost sleep over many times.  

Anthony was scheduled to return home yesterday. He was turned back at Customs and Border Patrol in Vancouver, BC.  For the past several months he has entered the US using the Visa Waiver Program, a program which allows residents of certain countries to enter the US for 90 days without applying for a visa.  There are guidelines for how often you can use the Visa Waiver Program before having to apply for a proper visa, but there are no set rules.  Anthony and I had worried that he might someday be turned back at the border but for the past year he has entered and exited the US without CPB giving him a second glance.  I assumed that they could just tell how amazing he is and welcomed him to our country.

Yesterday was different.  When he was asked if he worked in the US he replied that he had not.  And he hasn't.  Ever.  Unless you call being my unpaid personal assistant "work."  The CPB officer must have Googled Anthony's name and found that he is a writer for the blog Awesome Mitten.  Anthony has volunteered as a writer and editor.  It's a hobby. Every month he contributes a monthly 500 word essay about family outings in Michigan.  He could not prove that he was not being paid for writing.  Obviously CBP officers have no idea how hard it is for anyone to get paid for writing.

An CPB officer phoned me and asked the following perplexing questions:

Q.  Why haven't you applied for a K-1 fiancé visa?  
A.  His divorce was finally final two weeks ago.  We were hoping to fill out the application together when he visited Michigan.

(This is the part where I started hyperventilating and crying.)

Q.  Why haven't you married him already?  
A. Um...because we can't get married until he is granted his K-1 visa.  Which I am applying for.  Right this minute.

Q.  When are you getting married?
A.  Errrrrr.  When the K-1 visa comes through. 

Q. Where do you have to mail the visa application?
A.  Detroit.  Maybe.  I'm not sure. 

So now things are kind of up in the air even though Anthony never got in the air.  (har har har)  Anthony was told that he should apply for a B-2 tourist visa.  The wait for an interview to receive one is 28 days.  Our hope is that he is granted a visa in time to visit over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

I'm gathering paperwork and evidence of our relationship (seriously?) in order to apply for a K-1 visa.  The application process takes at least four months.  If you've seen Green Card you know how sidesplitting, heartwarming, and confusing the application process is.  And seriously, aren't we exactly like Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell? 

So I'm asking you to take good care of my sweet Ant.  I am surrounded by family and friends and he is alone, in a tiny apartment, in a city he was ready to leave almost two years ago.  

I know we will get through this.  When we are old we will look back on this time and remember how damn romantic it all was.  

But still, I hate it.