If I had four daughters I'm sure I wouldn't be writing this post.  But from a young age I knew I was a guy's girl. 

My mom died before I had any children.  A month before her death she predicted that I would have three sons.  She was close.  I ended up with four. 

As a teacher, I can honestly say that I enjoy working with both boys and girls, but I am known in my school as a bit of a "boy whisperer."  I get the tough guys, the angry boys, the bruisers.  And they love me.  They love me and they come back to visit me year after year, hollering at me in the hall, giving me awkward hugs and still driving their teachers crazy.  And sometimes, when things get really rough, their teachers send them down to visit with me.  I love it.

So here goes.  A list of what I love and hate about boys.  Let's face it, I'm totally in love with boys, but I'm trying to be fair and balanced here.

Boys (usually) have short hair.  I love clean, short hair, faces, ears and necks visible, ready for baseball caps, hoods and stocking caps.

Hate Boys can be smelly.  And they don't really care.

Love Boys love their mamas.  Always.

Boys love their mamas.  Always.  Even when their mama is a drug dealing prostitute who has neglected and abused them.

Love Boy's clothes are simple (minus the sports equipment).  They wear a never-ending cycle of jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and tennis shoes.  As far as my sons go, give it to them, and they'll wear it, even if their brother's name is embroidered on it or it came off the Lost and Found rack.

Hate Boys do not care how they look.  My six year old recently went an entire day with his pants unbuttoned, fly wide open because they were more comfortable that way.

Love, Love, Love Boys are tough on the outside, tender on the inside (and so are men).  They take things to heart, and it can be difficult to win their trust back once it's broken.  And while they may not show it, boys (and men) really want approval, acceptance and affection.  Give it to them.

2/1/2011 11:51:54 pm

I love boys! I always pictured myself mothering boys so I'm thrilled I ended up with two sobs. Great post!

2/1/2011 11:53:14 pm

Haha, two sons that is. :P


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