What is my idea of a perfect Sunday?  Well, it starts off with some nasty weather that takes leaving the house off of your to-do list.  Plenty of time in the kitchen coupled with a few hours of NPR listening is an added bonus.  We topped it it all off with a Snowy Day walk with the kids.  I was a very happy woman.  Think my day couldn't get better?  It did!  My grandmother dropped off half of a home-made carrot cake and my house was reasonably clean because my little helper came on Friday.   My dinner (made from left-over turkey) turned out delicious.  Everyone loved my Turkey with Homemade Noodles.  Tomorrow night is the Christmas parade, and I made White Lightening Turkey Chili.  Would it be too nerdy to put it in thermoses for eating during the parade?  I just might do it anyway, nerdiness be damned.

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