1.  Jamaica is NOT gay friendly.
2.  There is a reason we tip bartenders in America.  Jamaican resort bartenders don't earn tips and they are assholes.  Guess I would be an asshole too if I had to wait on drunk Canadians and Americans while earning $60 a week.
3.  Coral is an effective exfoliant...too effective.
4.  Pina Coladas are freaking delicious, I don't care if they are a frou-frou drink. 
5.  A lot of people don't care about sitting in the shade or wearing sunscreen and are perfectly happy to sizzle like sausages in the sun.  You could smell them cooking.
6.  Sunny, eighty-five degree weather is great and all, but I wouldn't want it every day of the year.  Michigan summers are so amazing because we know they are temporary.  Same thing with tropical vacations.
7.  The Jamaican people we met were meticulously dressed.  Pants rather than shorts were the norm, shirts tucked in, nails and hair done.   They are a sharp dressed people.  Except for the rastas.  Ew. (I know, not very PC of me.)
8.  Jamaica's beaches are stunning, but Lake Michigan's beaches are nothing to sneeze at.
9.  Jamaicans drive on the left side of the road.  The right side is the suicide, mon. 
10.  Jerk chicken and pork are so delicious that I will eat it until my nose runs, my lips burn and my ears smoke. 

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