Okay, I am totally over-whelmed, and I'd like to examine the things that are bringing this feeling on.

1.  I have a student teacher.  A wonderful girl who watches and questions every move I make.  I love her, but she's forcing me to ratchet my game up when I'm feeling like coasting.  I try to do a good job, but it's different when someone's actually watching you and expecting you to be an expert.  I don't think I'm up to the task.

2.  Every night I am expected to: help a child with homework, make sure two boys practice piano, make dinner, clean up dinner, read 20 minutes to someone, clean, pack lunches, get clothes out for the next day, have a romantic encounter with my husband (maybe), and I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.

3.  Jury duty February 17-27.  Ugh.  I don't even know where the paperwork is with the number I have to call.  I am going to have kittens if I actually get called up.

4.  We're moving.  Movers are coming on the 21st and my goal is to have a bag packed for everyone to live out of for about 5 days.  That means that this weekend I have to pack like crazy.  I know that we don't really have to be out of this house on the 21st, but if we have movers moving our shit, doesn't it seem wise to have them move as much stuff as possible?  Imagine how difficult it will be to get the few remaining things out of our old house when we're still unpacking and settling in to our new house?  I know myself too well.  We have to be as close to done as possible on the 21st. 

There.  Now that I've written it all down I should start feeling better, right?  This should be cathartic.

10/9/2023 07:43:33 am

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