Let the romantification of my children't early years begin!  Okay, you know how we always joke that our mom's don't remember what it was like to have young children?  My mom was like, "I just played with you all the time.... You guys were easy...We just had fun."  I never remember her talking about feeling frazzled or stressed out.  And she went back to work shortly after I was born.  Same with my sister.  And she pumped.  And she used cloth diapers.  Sounds like a vacation to me.
I think the idealization begins when you move out of the home you were in when most of the chaos/ damage was created/committed.  The house we currently live in is cute, warm and has served us well for ten years.  But it has not been easy living in a house with only one bathroom, no garage, and little storage space.  But talk about moving out and suddenly images of cutout cookies, babies taking baths and kids learning to ride bikes overshadow all of the incredible messes, bad odors, and yelling.  It's like a memory altering chemical enters your bloodstream when you consider moving out of a house.  One that makes you nastalgic.  One that erases bad memories.  I just wish it would also erase the stretch marks, the dirty carpet I have to shampoo when we move out, the marker on the door I have to paint over, and the debt accumulated over ten years of diapers and daycare.

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