(I fiddle placing the 5 Minute Friday badge on my post, thinking about what to write, how much to share...but dammit, hubs has already moved in with his girlfriend.  Here goes everything and nothing...)

Distance.  Until recently I had never given much thought to the distance across the United States.  Sure, it's big.  Do you realize that 2,378 miles lie between my home in Michigan and Vancouver, British Columbia?  That's 40 hours of solid driving.  I've checked.  My bum gets sore just thinking about it. 

Why does the distance between my home and Vancouver matter?  Because my heart is tied to a man in Vancouver.  We joke that recent earthquake activity keeps pushing us closer together.  I laugh, but it's hollow.  The distance isn't funny.

But the distance is a blessing in some ways.  My divorce is not yet final, and ideally I wouldn't even be looking at men.  (I think I'm still supposed to be dried up and bitter at this point.)  But there HE is. HE is there.  Sigh. 

We tease on Twitter, chat off and on during the day and sometimes share the wee hours of my mornings talking on the phone (The time difference is a bitch.) We plot and plan.

And I wonder, if he lived closer...what? 

I would have seen him. 

I will see him. 

Soon. *shivery shivers*

5/26/2011 03:02:05 am

Distance is a relative thing. Sometimes you can be worlds apart from the person right beside you. You two are close in your hearts and that's what matters. I'm happy you're happy.


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