...an off switch.  That sounds wrong.  Actually, a PAUSE botton would be perfect. As a mother of four sons a pause button would be so incredibly useful.  I would pause those perfect moments, the ones where my sons are giggling, cuddling, loving each other and me.  The times when they are all walking ahead of me, look alike stairsteps, and I think, other people must be jealous!  Look how gorgeous my boys are!

But I would also pause the bad times.  Times when I am exhausted after a night up with a non-stop vomiter (yes, I just made that word up).  I would pause to rest, to take a nap after a long week, catching my breath so that I have the energy for a fun Friday night.  I would pause when asked a difficult question, giving me time to carefully consider my answer.

And lately, I would pause to cool down before my children witness another argument between their parents.  I would pause so that we could all linger a little longer over the rare family dinners we try to have together.  Most of all, I would pause to just slow this whirlwind down for us all.

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