(As I write this I sit at my dad's kitchen table.  I've stayed here on nights when Dave has the boys at our house.  My childhood home has become my home again.  I am so at ease here. 

His shirt from yesterday hangs on the back of the chair I sit in.  I can smell his cologne.  Dad always smells nice.)

I'd like to introduce you to my dad.  It will give you an idea of why I am the way I am.

My dad is a truck driver.  He hauls gasoline to local gas stations.  He's been doing this job for over 35 years, and if you people drive over his fills one more time or park where you shouldn't he is going to pinch your head off.  Believe it.

My dad is a drinker, a swearer, and a dirty joke teller.

My dad talks.  A lot.

He can fix shit.

He's handsome.  The ladies love him...especially his wife, Jackie.  He's a snazzy dresser.

My dad can cook anything.  He's aged Parmesan cheese, brewed beer, and dehydrated potatoes.  He can cook ON anything, including Dutch ovens, grills, smokers, campfires,  and plain old stoves.  He can debone a chicken in 4 minutes.

My dad is a compulsive reader. 

He is ADD (undiagnosed).  He owns a motorcycle, a moped, a row boat, a sailboat he built, and a 20' Bayliner fishing boat.  He has a pop-up camper to tow behind his Honda Goldwing and a 38' class A motorhome.  Dad has a swimming pool and a hot tub.  He owns three Weber grills and five smokers.  He is a collector.

My dad is polite and thoughtful.  He is generous.  He is stubborn and opinionated.
He is a lover and a fighter.

My sons think their grandpa is a super-hero.  He kinda is.

My dad is a good son and a terrific father.  He's got my back.  I am thankful for him every day.

7/12/2011 03:43:18 pm

I loved this!!! What a great ode to your dad, Gail! He should be proud!

8/26/2011 01:01:56 pm

What a fun, unvarnished tribute. You can tell it comes straight from the heart. I think your sons might be right about the superhero part.

10/7/2011 12:15:47 pm

i loved reading this.


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