I followed the lovely and simple Ann Marie Infinity Scarf pattern.  This type of scarf goes by many names, but simply put, it's a scarf with no end.  Some knitters deliberately (or accidentally) put a twist in their scarf, resulting in a Moebius Scarf.  Wide versions of these scarves can be pulled over the head like a hood and are called "Smoke Rings and still others are called cowls.

I knit this on size 9, 42" round needles, casting on a bizillion stitches and working a 5 x 5 rib with sock yarn.  I bound off a bit too tightly but the result was an interesting, wavy scarf.  All in all I'm happy with the result.  I plan on giving it to my student teacher and I promise not to wear it (too much) this weekend.

12/5/2010 01:10:15 am

Love it! Maybe I'll do that one for my sister... (if I have time!)


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