So I've been in my new-old house for three days now, and I've cooked four meals on the AGA.  I am loving it!  I was afraid I'd need special lessons or, at a minimum, that I would ruin the first few things I tried.  Everything has turned out looking and tasting great.  First of all, the thing is hot, really hot.  The burners are not some dinky hot plates, they put out some serious heat, even the simmer plate.  I cooked French toast directly upon the simmer plate Saturday morning, no muss, no fuss.

I have only used the roasting oven, but I have cooked pork chops, macaroni and cheese, bacon, baked potatoes, biscuits and asparagus in it.  I especially like the AGA roasting tins.  They are shallow baking pans that fit so perfectly in the oven that you don't need to use a rack.  The pans slide right on the ridges that would hold a rack, so you can position them anywhere.  Sadly, the movers who packed up the previous owner's belongings packed up nearly all of her AGA pans before she was aware what was going on, so we only have a few of the accessories.  She promises to send them to us once she gets unpacked.  I can't wait!

6/26/2022 07:20:58 am

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