Okay, what I'm about to say may be controversial but I absolutely must get this off my chest.  I have had it with businesses and business people who flout their political affiliations and opinions at their place of business.  Here are a few examples evident in downtown Marshall.

Kate's Diner and Herman's Hardware- While I have not visited these businesses recently, it wasn't very long ago that they had articles, signs and other paraphernalia around their businesses in support of a high school team name that is a hot point in our community.  While they may have been married to the Redskin mascot, I was not.  I felt that it was important for our community to move on, and we have.  The Marshall Redskins are a thing of the past.  While I'm sure some of their customers support their racist Redskin love affair, I do not.  You won't see me in their businesses.  

Schuler's Restaurant- Three times I went to Schuler's to dine in the Pub, and three times Fox News was on their pub TV's.  Fair and balanced though it is (tee hee), I finally made a complaint to the management pointing out that while Marshall used to be a conservative bastion, the large number of Obama signs in yards might be a signal they ignore at their own business peril.  I find Fox News offensive (remember "Obama's Baby Mama?").  I'm sure others do as well.  Since my complaint, every time I dine in the Pub they have a sports channel on.  Good thinking.

Today, another of example of a prominent business person/family with strong public political views came to light.  A gentleman who has been a friend of mine for 20+ years is showing us a few houses and has helped us to determine an asking price for our house.  I'm sure he'll be listing our house as well as benefiting from the purchase of our next home.  Imagine my surprise/disgust when while on Facebook I discovered his affiliation with several NRA online groups including Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (are there really people out there who want college students carrying weapons?), From My Cold Dead Hands, We Love Springfield Armory, Keep Your Laws Off My Guns and the National Rifle Associaiton of America.  Nice.

Now, I agree that these businessmen/women have a first amendment right to free speech that is no different than any other citizen.  I just think it is unwise to potentially alienate many of your customers by being overly vocal about your political leanings.  I don't like the thought the money I spend in these businesses being used to fund the RNC or the NRA.

8/23/2023 10:36:58 pm

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